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How to Maintain your looks after Body Contouring.

How To Maintain Your Looks After Body Contouring

Thanks to the rise of social media, we have been influenced by the way celebrities and others look.

It is hard to turn on your TV or scroll through your Instagram feed without being reminded about all the positive benefits of body contouring procedures… And hey, that’s not a bad thing because these procedures may actually have their benefits!

The popularity of these procedures has surged thanks in large part to influencers who are constantly posting about their surgery experiences with before-and-after photos.

And yet, these procedures can be daunting because they involve surgery, as well as effort afterward to actually maintain your looks.

But listen, it doesn't have to be so scary!

In this blog post, I will provide some tips for maintaining your health, beauty, and shape after undergoing a body contouring procedure.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

#1 Hydrate

Hydration is key to remaining healthy and good-looking.

After any body contouring treatment, hydration is key to enhancing the results.

Hydration also ensures they last as long as possible.

When your fat cells are destroyed, your body perceives them as waste, and it works toward removing them from your system.

If you drink water, your body will respond to the waste fat cells faster, and you will soon get rid of them completely.

People who drink enough water boost their metabolism, which further helps the fat cells to break and prevent new fat.

Drinking enough liquids also helps you stay full for longer and prevent the intake of unhealthy food, which can cause new fat deposits.

Importantly, the recommended daily water intake is individual and depends on your age, climate, activity.

#2 Adjust the Diet

The essential thing to remember immediately after the body sculpting procedure is to reduce the intake of salt.

Eating too much salt after the procedure may result in excessive swelling and slower metabolism, which will affect the final results of the treatment.

Try to skip junk food and refined sugars for the same reasons.

Focus on eating healthy fats and proteins, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Include the foods that keep you fuller for longer and don't make you bloated or heavy.

Stay Away From

● Fried food, baked goods, sugary drinks, chips, sweets

Eat More

● Olive oil, fish, avocado, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, bananas, raspberries, spinach, green bell pepper

#3 Exercise

First of all, if you have any side effects after body contouring, allow the body to heal and then proceed with your workouts.

Regular exercise is important because it ensures long-lasting results.

Think about what kind of lifestyle made you undergo body sculpting treatments.

You'll probably answer lack of physical activity and a healthy diet.

Therefore, if you want the results to stick and prevent fat deposits in the future, start a regular exercise routine.

Best Workouts After Body Contouring

As soon as you feel better after the body sculpting procedure, you may try beginner's yoga workouts.

It will help you stretch the muscles and prevent the potential discomfort with the more advanced workout.

The alternative is a short walk!

However, to maintain long-lasting results, you'll have to come up with a workout that targets every area of your body, especially one where you have fat deposits.

Also, the best workout after body contouring is the one you'll do regularly.

It can be a combination of light cardio for warm-up and Pilates exercise or a workout that includes weight.

You can also work out at home and do lunges, squats, pushups, burpees, side planks, and other exercises for a well-rounded exercise routine.

#4 Monitor the Weight Fluctuations

Sudden weight changes aren't healthy, and they can mess up with your health in many ways.

Also, if your weight fluctuates severely, the results from your body contouring won't be long-lasting.

If you gain weight after body contouring, it will cause fat cells to grow.

If you continue to gain weight, your body will produce new fat cells.

Even if you lose weight soon, the fat cells will remain, and you might need a new body sculpting treatment.

Weight fluctuations also affect skin conditions and may cause stretch marks and cellulite.

Luckily, if you apply all the previous tips regarding hydration, exercise, and a healthy diet, you are unlikely to gain weight, leading to sustainable results!


Taking a body sculpting treatment is an easy way to remove fat, however, maintaining the results might be challenging so make sure you have a maintenance plan to help retain results.

If you fall back soon into unhealthy habits, you risk getting new fat deposits and ruining the effects of the procedure.

For this exact reason, you can’t really hack your way to a good body composition with any body contouring treatments.

You must make sure to sustain healthy habits afterwards!

If you need a monthly maintenance plan, please check out our maintenance plans today!

Stay healthy, stay shapely naturally!

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